About Us

Our concept
Limehome is better than a hotel. Run by hospitality professionals and equipped by interior designers, we are able to combine the quality standard of a hotel with the advantages of an apartment. Our suites in prime locations in German and Austrian cities cater to our guests with an easy-to-use digital access system, much more space than a hotel room in a comparable price range and equipment that will make everyone feel like home.
Our vision
Leading the digital revolution in the hotel industry and defining new standards in convenience, comfort and design.
So Suite – more than a hotel room
Digital check-in & check-out and automated invoicing
More time for you.
Digital check-in & check-out and automated invoicingDigital check-in & check-out and automated invoicing
Larger than a standard hotel room
More space for you.
Larger than a standard hotel roomLarger than a standard hotel room
Fully equipped design suites
More home for you.
Fully equipped design suitesFully equipped design suites
Top locations, in all cities
Location, location, location - we couldn't agree more! All our suites are located in the city centre and can easily be reached by public transport. Long journeys, desperate searches for shopping possibilities and a growling stomach in the evening are not to be worried about.
City trip or long-term stay
...we fulfill every need! We offer nightly stays for a weekend away as well as discounted monthly rates for longer project stays or business trips (subject to availability). Browse through all our locations here.
Keyless access, simply digital
A hotel check-in has never been this fast and easy! Our digital entry system allows our guests to enter their suite anytime after 4pm. Guests receive their personal access codes via SMS and e-mail on the arrival day.
Our founders and our story
Interview with the Limehome founders Dr. Josef Vollmayr and Lars Stäbe
Josef and Lars, what is your story and how did the idea for Limehome come about?
Let me start... I studied Business Administration and Statistics at the LMU Munich. After completing my dissertation at the University of Mannheim, I worked at McKinsey for 5 years in different countries and roles, but with a focus on Value Creation, Private Equity and Retail/Consumer Goods. Since I was always very curious and interested in many things, it was clear and only a matter of time until I would found a company myself.
I studied Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) at the TU Munich. My interest in starting my own business came up early during my studies when I joined the student consultancy „Academy Consult“ as well as the „CDTM“. After my studies, I started working at McKinsey, where I was able to help shaping the digital strategies of a number of large corporations and also got to know Josef. During my doctoral thesis and after spending hundreds of nights in hotels while working as a consultant, I knew a clever concept could push this industry into the 21st century.
The Limehome Team has grown from 10 employees to more than 70 in less than one year. What makes it special?
Due to our business model, we have employees with completely different backgrounds and skills. Our diverse team consists of designers, architects, real estate and finance experts, operations and logistics specialists, online marketing and brand building professionals as well as developers and BI/data experts. But what all Limehomies have in common is their passion for finding solutions together, creating something themselves and the drive to make Limehome big.
Where do you see Limehome in 5 years?
In 5 years, we will be the hotel with the most locations in Europe...
Exactly! And we also offer a digital hotel experience that can be measured against 4-star hotels and is unforgettable... "So suite"! 🙂